As the Semiconductor and Materials COmpany, Samco is dedicated to the innovation of material processing and device manufacturing. Over the last 40 years, Samco has provided over 4,000 thin film solutions to our global partners in 30 countries.

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Company Profile

Trade Name Samco Inc.
Founder Osamu Tsuji
Establishment September 1, 1979
Headquarters 36 Waraya-cho, Takeda, Fushimi-ku
Kyoto, 612-8443, Japan
Capital 1663 million JPY
Sales 4936 million JPY (Fiscal Year Ended on July 31, 2019)
Employees 174 (As of July 31, 2019)
Stock Code 6387 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section
Products ▼Deposition
・PECVD System
・LSCVD® System
・ALD System
・Reactive Ion Etching System
・ICP Etching System
・Si Deep Reactive Ion Etching System
・XeF2 Etching System
▼Surface Treatment
・Aqua Plasma® Cleaner
・Plasma Cleaner
・UV Ozone Cleaner

Board of Management

Board Members
Osamu Tsuji Chairman & CEO
Tsukasa Kawabe President & COO
Tsuneo Ishikawa Vice President, Sales
Soichiro Takenouchi Director, Senior Executive Officer, Administration and Corporate Strategy Planning
Haruhiko Yamashita Director, Executive Officer, Production
Masanori Murakami Outside Director
Hiroaki Kobayashi Outside Director
Shigeru Tsujimura Full-time Auditor
Takayuki Kimura Outside Auditor
Masahiro Nishio Outside Auditor
Executive Officers
Nakanobu Seki President’s Office
Peter Wood U.S. Operations
Shinichi Motoyama R&D
Kiyoshi Sato Sales Administration
Shinichi Toyama East Japan Sales
Shozo Miyamoto Accounting

Management Philosophy

Better Tomorrow Driven by Thin Film Technology

Better Tomorrow Driven by Thin Film Technology

From Kyoto to the forefront of semiconductors processing, Samco's systems lead the way in Thin Film Technology.

Production and R&D teams - working in automobile safety, biotechnology, renewable energy, and other high-tech fields - can't afford to be without reliable process equipment and support. Samco's durable systems, world-class recipe database, and prompt service help you minimize downtime and boost cleanroom productivity while cutting costs at the same time. We give teams reliable tools and resources, enabling your business or organization to push the limits of modern Thin Film Technology.

Unlike many other competitors, Samco specializes in plasma technology with 40 years of experience. Our dedicated engineers and technicians work closely with your production and R&D teams, from assessing your specific challenges to developing customized solutions and installing the system in your facility. We also train your production staff and follow up with prompt service and support for the system's lifetime.

Since the company was first founded in Kyoto, Japan by plasma technology pioneer, Osamu Tsuji, in 1979, more than 4,000 Samco systems have been installed and used across 30 countries. Our equipment and services are used in a wide range of industries, including Power/RF Devices, MicroLEDs, Laser Diodes, VCSELs, MEMS, RF Filters, and more